MIT develops a new liquid flow battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

MIT develops a new liquid flow battery power generation for 10 times lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

MIT finally developed a cheap and efficient recyclable use of liquid flow batteries, which can store intermittent energy, such as solar energy and wind energy. The power generation is 10 times that of most lithium ion batteries. So what exactly is a liquid flow battery? It is a battery that uses two types of liquid with the opposite charge (electrolyte), and then directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. According to reports, this is expected to bring a new situation to electric vehicles.

What is a liquid flow battery?

The liquid flow battery is a repeated charging battery. The two liquids with the opposite charge (electrolyte) exchange ions there, and then the chemistry energy is converted to electrical energy.

There was usually a layer of film to separate the electrolyte, so that the two liquids were not mixed when they exchanged ions. However, the electrolyte costs often use are not high, but they need to erode thin films that are not cheap, which also greatly shortens the life of the battery. Therefore, the best way to achieve the goal of researchers is to directly remove the use of film.

In order to prevent the two liquids mixed together, the researchers use layer liquid flow technology in liquid flow dynamics to place them in the container. The electrolyte storage will be separated from the battery itself. There are two grooves equipped with electrolytes, which means that the size of the battery can be easily controlled. As long as the size of the slot is changed, the size of the battery can be changed. The power generation ranges from tens of millions to a few mega watts.

In addition to the adjustable size, the liquid stream battery has more benefits: "You can be idle for a long time without losing charge, fast response time, you can quickly charge and discharge by replacing the electrolyte." Because of this, there were people in the past few years. Promote this fast charging that should be used to use electric vehicles. On the other hand, liquid battery is more complicated than ordinary batteries, and each one has its own pump and sensor system. And energy density is lower than ordinary lithium ion batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

This is a future battery that belongs to

Now the development of the MIT -giving metering battery has made a good balance in terms of performance and cost. The electrolytes used are not expensive, replacing the previous expensive film and solving the shortcomings of the short battery life. The battery prototype of the MIT laboratory uses the strange phenomenon of layer flow in liquid flow dynamics: when the two liquids maintain a low speed, the other conditions are met, and the two electrolytes will not be mixed, which makes the film extra.

The liquid stream battery can appear at 0.795 watts per square centimeter. The power generation is 3 times that of other thin film battery design systems, which is 10 times that of ordinary lithium ion batteries.

Previously, the relevant team also involved a film battery system, but this is the first energy -saving battery that can be automatically discharged and charged, and the magnified version of this device has really brought influence. It can only need $ 100 per kilowatt -hour. Another advantage is that this technology can be used in renewable energy storage. Because the sun and wind can be regarded as infinite in a short time, it can store a large amount of clean energy as a backup. In the future, solar energy and wind energy will be transformed intermittently, and it will become the best energy choice for our electric vehicles.

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