Why does the automatic die-cutting machine die-cut paper break? Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Why does the automatic die-cutting machine die-cut paper break?

1 The small cut or saw on the die cutter is inappropriate

    (1) The small opening is mainly opened in the direction of paper movement, and the left and right sides can be left open or open a little less.
    (2) The small mouth should be opened on the finished box where it can be glued or folded inside.
    (3) If there are inconsistent small holes on the paper, be sure to make a small hole on the die cutter in the direction of paper feeding on the die-cutting plate to prevent the waste paper in the small hole from falling on the steel plate and being dragged into the indentation. In the line, the product creases are broken.
    (4) If the paper is thinner, the strength of the paper is greater, and the openings should be small, shallow, and narrow; if the paper is thicker, but the strength is poor, the openings should be more, deep, and wide.
    (5) If the edge of the finished box is flat, the opening should be larger, deeper, and wider. If the edge of the finished box is hook-shaped, since the paper edge and the finished product will hook each other, the opening can be less, shallow, and narrower. .
    (6) The faster the machine runs, the greater the acceleration and the greater the pulling force when it is pulled out from the static molding position. The printed sheet needs more points to prevent it from being broken, and the opening needs to be larger and deeper. Be wider.

    Second, the reason for the glue strips on the die-cutting plate(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

    The adhesive strips on the knife template are glued to both sides of the die cutter, which are used to bounce the paper from the die cutter after each die cutting. If the adhesive strips are squashed, the height is lower than the height of the knife or the adhesive strips are sticky. If it is too little, or fall off during die-cutting, the die-cut paper will stick to the die-cutting knife. At this time, the paper will be shattered if it is gnawed and pulled. In addition, instead of using self-adhesive tape, manual pasting is used. If the glue is mistakenly stuck on the surface of the tape, it will stick to the paper under greater pressure and cause the paper to break. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace the tape in time.

    Three, die cutting pressure is too large

    Die-cutting pressure is too large, or a certain part of the pressure is particularly high, it will press a deeper knife mark on the steel plate, the knife mark will hook the cut of the paper, causing the paper to break and shatter. Solution: Adjust the paper pressure to make it appropriate and even.

    Fourth, the problem from the indentation die

    The storage time is too long or the quality is not good, and the storage environment is improper, causing the indentation to be blurred. There is glue on the surface. Under high pressure, it will stick to the paper. You can apply some talcum powder; the surface of the indentation mold is not smooth or indentation. During the molding process, the mold loses its viscosity due to the intrusion of paper scraps and dust. It will also hook the paper and cause the paper to break; it is necessary to replace the indentation mold or use glue to remedy it.

    Five, the problem of die-cutting machine chattering

    During the use of the die-cutting machine, if the thickness of the paper changes greatly, it is easy to cause the paper teeth to lose elasticity and cannot hold the paper. Individual paper teeth pull too much on the paper and cause the paper to break; the paper teeth should be adjusted in time , So that the tension on the paper is even.

    In addition, in actual operation, in combination with the actual situation, specific problems are analyzed in detail, and the problems are found to be solved.

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