Our Group Won The 2020 Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise Customized Service

Our Group Won The 2020 Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

The Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association has announced the list of the 2020 Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises. Our group relies on the outstanding patent gold list titles.

It is understood that the enterprises assessed by the “Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” are enterprises that have a typical exemplary role in using the intellectual property system, carrying out independent innovation, and improving market competitiveness. Strict index requirements and scoring standards have been set in various aspects such as intellectual property management and protection, intellectual property work rewards, and bonus items. The enterprises that have passed the certification indicate that their intellectual property management work has been recognized by the provincial government departments.(Customized Service)

Our group is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of battery pole piece production equipment. Over the years, continuous investment, research, and accumulation, with hard work and sweat, have overcome one problem after another in the battery pole piece production equipment manufacturing industry. In practice, a set of advanced battery pole piece production equipment manufacturing technology has been explored, and it is at the forefront of the industry. As of December 2020, the company has obtained 7 national authorized appearance patents and 96 national utility model patents. During the epidemic, in the face of the shortage of anti-epidemic materials, the company actively and rapidly transformed, developed and manufactured mask production equipment, including high-speed flat mask machines, one-to-one fish mask machines, and 3D three-dimensional mask machines. Not only has it achieved an increase in sales performance, it has also become an indispensable backbone force in winning the epidemic prevention and control sniper battle. After the epidemic subsided, the main business market began to recover, and the products transformed by Yixinfeng's intellectual property achievements began to become the focus of the market. Since the third quarter, the sales performance of the main business has risen sharply, with large sizes (450, 650, 750) die-cutting equipment has become a pioneer after the epidemic and is favored by customers.

Thousands of sails passed by the side of the sunken boat, and Wan Muchun was in front of the diseased tree. Since its establishment, the group has always regarded innovation as an important business philosophy of the company. Only innovation can maintain the vitality of the company, and only innovation can better understand the needs of customers, provide customers with better services, and strive to travel in the wave of the industry. .

The Group's award of 2020 Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise this time fully reflects the recognition of the company's technological innovation from all walks of life, and it is also an encouragement to Yixinfeng. Looking to the future, Yixinfeng will continue to increase its investment in technology research and development, relying on the tireless craftsman spirit to explore higher-end technology, and use advanced technology to manufacture more advanced products to meet customers' continuous improvement in the production processing requirement.

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