The Working Principle Of Lithium Battery Automatic Die-cutting Machine High Speed Slitting Machine

The Working Principle Of Lithium Battery Automatic Die-cutting Machine

Working principle of lithium battery die-cutting machine
Automatic die-cutting machine operation introductions:

1.The machine is mainly used for cathode and anode oxidation of lithium cell and Z-shape winding   installation of protective film
2.Product model: L×W×Hmm:same or lower than(40—200)×(40—150)×(30—55)mm
3.Productivity: 1pc/2.5s
4.Life span: 1 year quality insurance, and lifetime maintenance (High Speed Slitting Machine)
5.External size: 1700×1740×2030mm
6.Automatic and manual stepper motor operation details:  When the actuator arm is moving up and down to pick up pole material by alternating feeding and winding, during the movement to perform the Z-shape stack of separator. This reciprocating is completely winding assembly of all lithium battery; The actuator arm is selected from the parallel line servo motor motion control module to complete the speed stablely and accurately; The separator is to be feeding by the air-impedance shaft and the motor operators constant support, and the feeding process is uniform and consistent by computer deviation-checking device; the pole hopper comes out with different size by cam splitter.

Auto die-cutting machine functions:
7.Pole piece roll constant supporting force specification unwinding
8.The motor controls ratio, solenoid valve controls the supporting force, and the supporting force is continuously adjustable
9.The whole process deviation-checking device guarantees the cutting precision of the pole piece
10.The traction belt and the transmission mechanism ensure that the pole piece specifications are stable and its precision is ±0.2mm under high-speed operation.
11.The machine equipment is running with high efficiency, and 200pcs/min; to make sure stable manufacturing process.
12.With CCD appearance detection function and automatic removal of poor products;
13.With automatic dust removal function.

The unwinding is controlled by a pendulum rod, and the speed of unwinding is changed according to the swing size of the pendulum rod; which resulting in supporting force fluctuating greatly, and when the speed is faster, the pole piece will tremble, causing the precision to be not very high. In addition, there is no warning information for the roll diameter.

The servo motor of the traction belt is accurately positioned in general, and the parallel lines increase and decrease speed, resulting in large fluctuations of the pole piece. In addition, when speed is different, the traction belt speed must be matched. The operation of loading machinery is not very unharmonious, and which will impact on machinery largely.
The starting data signal of the traction belt servo motor is turned on according to the IO data signal, and its opening angle of view is not easy to grasp.

The material loading of pole piece is controlled by photoelectric switch, and automatically unwinds at the same time according to its length . The unwinding can be adjusted in forward and reverse directions and can be shut down immediately when there is no material;
To use imported servo motor material pulling system software to ensure accurate material pulling and running position and reduce consumption;
The compulsory oil system software provided is for machinery, so that everything is normal and not worn-out during the operation of machinery.
Furthermore, to increase the working life of machinery;

The transmission system method adopts the international top technology, with low noise and strong reliability, the optical magnetic induction automatic deviation correction device is selected;
The power switch of each device is simple and easy to identify, and actual operation is convenient. In particular, it is equipped with a personalized tape changing device, which saves a lot of tape changing time and improves productivity;
The finished product feeding platform is modified with a variable-speed circulating system conveyor belt, which can be matched with the size of the pole piece or the equipment speed to carry out. All side waste is unrolled by the waste rod at the same time; the mould operating position is equipped with infrared sensors safety protection equipment to ensure the life safety of operators.

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