Korean and Japanese equipment manufacturing companies developed earlier, accumulated a good technical merit, therefore, Korea and Japan continue to emerge a number of high level of automation technology, good reliability and its high precision high quality lithium battery machinery and equipment companies. 

Japan Hirano long-term practice sizing machinery and equipment manufacturing, benefit from the development of China's lithium battery industry, the enterprise hands order information; CKD is Japan's leading company in the field of winding machine, goods with high precision, high inverted wire machine rate, completely anti-fouling characteristics; 

Japan Asada is the production of lithium battery manufacturing front-end development of the well-known company of mixing machinery, the core competitiveness is significant; PNT is the most famous Korean PNT is the most famous manufacturer of screen printing machine, roller press, slitting machine and winding machine in Korea, and its key customers include Samsung SDI, LG Organic Chemical, LGE, SK Innovation, and other large companies such as CheilInd. We are a comprehensive service provider of lithium battery machinery and equipment, and in order to expand our market, we established the joint venture with Hoenen High-Tech in 2015 to strengthen the technical and sales market collaboration.
Hirano, Japan
Established in 1935, Hirano is a leading manufacturer and marketer of sizing-related equipment and organic chemical-related equipment. Our products include electronic optical film sizing production lines, flexible circuit board sizing production lines, rechargeable battery pole coating equipment, and non-woven fabric manufacturing equipment, etc. We are one of the key distributors of import coating equipment for lithium batteries in Japan.

Japanese CKD Company
Japan CKD company was established in 1943, the key production and manufacturing products are automation equipment, pneumatic type automatic control system, liquid automatic control system and its energy-saving system software. Among them, the CEW-100 lithium winder manufactured by CKD has three core competencies: 1) Complete anti-fouling precautions, the Zone Block method is used to completely separate each raw material from the rewinder section and to avoid the infiltration of soot by manipulating the cyclone in each area. 2) High-precision rewinder, a correction system is used to remove cases before the high speed and high-precision rewinder. (3) High-speed wire rewinder with a rewinding rate of 100mm/sec. 
CKD combines the servo control technology accumulated for many years with the excellent performance of gas components and camshaft technology to ensure the quality and safety of rechargeable batteries.

Asada, Japan
Asada was established in 1905, and has long been engaged in the development and manufacture of mixing, dispersing and crushing equipment, in which the company's mixing machinery includes hydraulic platform mixing equipment and mixing and kneading machines. After a long period of accumulation, Japan Maeda has a certain competitive ability in the field of mixing machinery, and has become one of the key lithium battery machinery and equipment purchasers in China. Looking back at the front-end of China's lithium battery manufacturing development machinery and equipment, the company engaged in the manufacture of equipment more, but into the scale of operation of the company relatively less. According to the data information of GaoGong Lithium Industry Chain Research Office (GBII), the sales volume of lithium slurry mixing machinery in China is about 950 sets in 2013, and the number of lithium slurry mixing machinery manufacturing enterprises is as high as 56, only the Pearl River Delta region is more than 20.
Korea PNT Enterprises
Founded in 2003, PNT is a leading manufacturer of screen printing machines, roller presses, slitting machines, and winding machines in Korea. SKInnovation and CheilInd are among the major companies. In addition, our products are also sold to China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other countries. At this stage, the company has nearly 200 announced employees, of which more than 80% are engineering project specialists. The registered capital of the Korean company headquarters is 2 billion won, and the total assets do more than 140 billion won. In 2013, the total sales of the enterprise increased by 100 billion won, in which the import and export of our country is close to 30 billion won.

SDI Korea Enterprises
The development trend of new energy vehicles in Korea and around the world has promoted the prosperity of Korean power lithium battery companies such as Samsung SDI and LG Organic Chemical, and the main business revenue of PNT's lithium battery equipment business process continues to grow as a supplier of lithium battery machinery and equipment for high-quality power lithium battery companies such as Samsung SDI and LG Organic Chemical. From the geographical spread of PNT's main business revenue, it seems that the contribution of our market to the sales performance is gradually expanding, and in 2016, it exceeded the local Korean market for the first time. Benefiting from the development trend of new energy vehicle market in China, PNT's revenue share in China market further expanded to 61.9% in 1H17.

Korea CIS Enterprise
1. CIS was founded in 2002 as a Korean company. Its main business is the manufacture and marketing of machinery and equipment for the production of lithium batteries, solid-state batteries, solar panels and display panels. We have a variety of machines and equipment, and have certain advantages from the technology. In June 2015, Huaneng Hi-Tech and CIS joint venture founded Congwide-Ede, and made it a credit business service platform for Huaneng Hi-Tech and CIS to carry out technical and sales market collaboration.
2. After many years of development, Korea CIS is a comprehensive service provider of lithium battery machinery and equipment, capable of manufacturing a wide range of machines and equipment necessary for each section of the assembly of lithium batteries, from the production of electrodes, rechargeable battery modules (lithium cells) and lithium batteries. In order to expand our market, we have carried out deep collaboration at the level of technical strengthening and market expansion.
In recent years, the hot new energy industry has driven the development of related industries, manufacturing lithium battery-related equipment needs are also growing, but high-end equipment technology is basically in the hands of Europe, America, Korea and Japan, excessive reliance on imports greatly increased the burden on the country, limiting the pace of new energy development, in order to change this passive situation, the country strongly support the major well-known die-cutting equipment manufacturers of R & D innovation. Dongguan Hongbao, Yixinfeng took the lead in launching a new generation of intelligent, high-speed, high-precision, large-format die-cutting machine, finally broke the long-term monopoly of foreign capital, followed by major domestic manufacturers have launched their own products, so far domestic die-cutting machine has basically replaced the imports, various types, various grades of die-cutting machine, for enterprises to buy and sell provides great convenience at the same time also makes it difficult to choose. So how should you buy a suitable die-cutting machine? This issue we asked a number of senior industry die-cutting engineers, summed up the following five main points should be considered.

1. enterprise needs, that is, the grade and category of products materials, specifications, quality, batch, etc., choose the right model can not only help enterprises to better occupy the market, but also lay a good foundation for the further development of enterprises.
2. own strength. Can afford the financial pressure. Focus on the cost performance of the machine try to choose a cost-effective machine.
3. The immediate needs and long-term development plans of the enterprise and, to the extent possible, a balance between the two.
4. Supply of spare parts, convenience and timeliness of after-sales service for personnel training.
5. Die-cutting plate die-cutting knife and other die-cutting equipment to support the purchase.

In addition to the above 5 points, there are other factors that need to be considered, such as the injection feeding and take-up mechanism, main drive system, positioning system, intermittent mechanism, pressure application mechanism, waste removal mechanism, etc. of the die cutting machine. Understanding the characteristics and performance of these structures is crucial to the final determination of the model. 

Although it is said that the higher the die-cutting speed and precision, the more features, the higher the die-cutting pressure the higher the degree of automation of the die-cutting machine is better, but the key to purchase the machine is suitable for the needs of enterprises and products. If you only want to buy a low-grade die-cutting machine is preferred to domestic machines, if you need to buy high-grade die-cutting machine should be the production task, the ability to afford the precision requirements of the product, the stability and reliability of the cost-effective machine and after-sales service points for a comprehensive analysis to select the optimal procurement program, the domestic Hongbao, Yixinfeng are able to provide relevant solutions.


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