What is high speed slitting machine

What is high speed slitting machine

Digital control high speed slitting machine can be applied to high-precision coil slitting and rewinding of coil-like materials such as capacitive film, battery separator, battery aluminum-plastic film, aluminum foil, hot stamping foil, etc.

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1. The high-speed slitting machine should be a fixed length slitting process for the whole roll or the whole sheet of raw materials, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc. for slitting processing, all of which must use fixed length slitting control. 2. The slitting length can be set continuously, if the actual slitting length has an error, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters. 3. High-speed slitting machine slitting control is divided into two kinds: accurate shutdown when the set length arrives, and then static slitting processing, slitting after restarting the operation; when the set length arrives, the slitting signal is not stopped, and the slitting machine dynamically slitting during the material movement.

1, the slitting machine's roll surface processing is not good and the process design is unreasonable: the material slitting process in the roller lateral slippage (commonly known as left and right swimming), wrinkled (pulling unbalanced), de-rolling (material is too light and thin air excessive entry), these problems will directly lead to untidy winding, production of wavy edges, warping edges, etc.; 2, the tension of winding is too large: it will directly lead to the finished product to produce a dish shape, drum shape, etc.; 3. Mechanical failure of the equipment: for example, the bearing of the transmission roller or the empty roller is damaged, resulting in shaft channeling; the dynamic balance accuracy of the roller is too low; 4, tension system design problems: the matching of the tension system will lead to uncontrollable tension, resulting in such a situation; 5, the selection of the form of winding has a problem: there are many ways to collect the wind, depending on the different characteristics of the product to choose the central coil, surface coiling, central surface coiling, central surface coiling center sliding and so on; 6, the choice of slitting tools: scratching, shearing, pressing, roll cutting these forms of cutting, but also depends on the different material characteristics to choose, if the choice is not right, the accuracy can not be guaranteed; 7, other details of the problem: static electricity, equipment operation, raw material characteristics and other problems caused.

The slitting machine is selected according to the functions to be used by the enterprise and the materials to be slit.

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