Multi -technical route of lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The development of the lithium battery industry to develop a multi -technical route -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In the context of the high attention of new energy vehicles, the entire battery industry, including lead -acid batteries and lithium -ion batteries, has been supported by capital. In the first half of this year, my country's new energy vehicle production increased ten times, and the corresponding battery market was pulled. The reporter found in the investigation and interviews that the current opinions of the battery industry on the development of battery can be reused, clean and environmental protection, etc., but there are different directions in the selection of specific technical routes, and there will be a variety of possibilities for the innovation of my country's battery industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

New energy battery strategy is clear

At the macro policy level, the policy positioning of the development of the battery industry under new energy strategy has been very clear. Recently, it is reported that in order to promote the development of my country's new energy vehicle industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize the development of the development of power lithium -ion battery development, and it is expected to vigorously support it from industrial policy, fiscal subsidies, and tax incentives. Other national and local favorable policies are also being launched. In May of this year, Shanghai announced the "Interim Measures for Encouraging the purchase and use of new energy vehicles" in Shanghai, which clearly stated that each set of new energy vehicle power lithium -ion batteries can be recovered by the production company, and Shanghai will give subsidies for 1,000 yuan.

At the battery technology innovation forum held on the 27th, both the theoretical and the industry believe that the development of new energy batteries is the only way for the country to implement the new energy strategy. He Yan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that the vigorous development of "water energy+wind energy+solar+water pumping energy storage power station" is the only choice for completely solving the current energy problem in my country. The battery industry should be developed accordingly, including energy storage batteries and new energy vehicle batteries.

In fact, the domestic new energy battery field has developed rapidly. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the first half of this year, my country's lithium -ion battery industry (including batteries, positive and negative electrode materials, diaphragm, electrolytes and special equipment, etc.) maintained a stable development. The application appears highlights.

A variety of technical routes are possible

In the case of the overall prosperity of the industry, a variety of technical routes in the industry coexist and will have a variety of possibilities in the breeding industry.

The reporter found in the investigation and interview that the lead -acid battery, as a mature technology, still finds the expansion space in the market. Although partially compressed by the vigorous development of lithium ion batteries, mature and stable technology and increasing environmental protection standards are given to the industry in the industry The leading company brings development opportunities. The listed company at the exhibition said that the lead -acid batteries have stable operation and relatively good security. At present, the industry should not worry about the squeezing of lithium -ion batteries. At present, the company's lead -acid battery orders are sufficient. Shen Weixin, chairman of Shanghai Haibao Special Power Co., Ltd., believes that after experiencing rectification, the development of the lead -acid battery industry has gradually become reasonable, but the industry still needs to work in environmental protection and licenses. Multiple questions.

Aside from the battery type dispute, there are multiple technical routes in the field of lithium -ion battery. Yang Li, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, believes that there are many technical routes in the field of lithium -ion battery. From the perspective of positive and negative pole materials and battery electrolytes of lithium -ion batteries, there are currently multiple technical routes at home and abroad. In his opinion, the diversification of the technical route is conducive to innovation.

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