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What is the material of the wireless charger? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What is a wireless charger

The wireless charger refers to the charger on the terminal device that needs to be charged without the traditional charging power cord. The latest wireless charging technology is used. By using the magnetic field generated between the coils, the magical transmission electrical energy, the inductive coupling technology will be Become a bridge connecting the charging base station and equipment.

What is the material of the wireless charger?

Wireless charger characteristics

1. In theory, wireless charging technology is harmless to human security. The resonance principle used by wireless charging is magnetic field resonance, which only transmits between coils with the same frequency, and other devices cannot accept the band. In addition, wireless charging technology The magnetic field used itself is harmless to the human body. However, after all, wireless charging technology is a new type of charging technology. For the wireless charger of Maiyuan Technology, many people will worry that wireless charging technology will just appear like the original Wi-Fi and mobile phone antenna rods. In fact, the technology itself is harmless. (Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2. Wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy in the electric field and magnetic field between the charger and the device, and the coils and capacitors form resonance between the charger and the device.

3. This system can be widely used in the future, such as the charging area for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips. The charging time required for the charging system developed by this technology is only one fifty -four in the current one fifty -sixth

4. The conversion rate has always been a problem that many people worry about. MIT has stated that the loss of wireless charging technology is lower than wired charging technology. The wireless charging conversion rate is a few percentage points higher than the wired. High conversion is also a key factor for wireless chargers to apply globally. However, wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future, it is necessary to solve the problem of precise positioning for long -distance transmission for the band and magnetic field range.

5. Core chip is one of the difficulties of wireless charging technology in product applications. The scope control of accurate radiation, the frequency of the magnetic field, and other controls are implemented by the chip.

What is the material of the wireless charger?

What is the material of the wireless charger?

Wireless chargers on the market are usually made of high -density plastic materials. This is the best disassembly. Its plastic can be divided into ordinary, temperature -resistant, flame retardant, and electroplated levels. Our common power adapters use the main plastics: PC, ABS and PC+ABS.

What is the material of the wireless charger?

Wireless charger Select Magnetic Materials

The coil inside the single coil free position charging equipment has a driver device that can move in the plane. The position of the terminal device is automatically detected, and the movement coil to the location makes the position of the coil consistent with the terminal receiving position. As a result, charging and improving the efficiency of charging, such designs can allow the terminal to place anywhere on the charging board for charging. The Qi standard stipulates that the operating frequency of such chargingers is 140kHz. Because the coil needs to move, it is required that the magnetic film is required to have high reliability. Therefore, the magnetic film is generally used for flexible magnetic movies.

Multi -coil free position charger can be charged for multiple terminals at the same time, and multiple coils are arranged inside. These coils cover most of the areas of the charging seat. As a result, the terminal can be placed on the charging seat more freely, and the charger will automatically choose several coils that can be transmitted efficiently to supply power. The QI standard stipulates that the operating frequency of multi -coil free position charger is 105kHz ~ 113kHz. Magnetic movies generally use MNZN power materials with high BS and low loss characteristics.

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