Laser die-cutting and winding machine -Lithium-ion battery equipment

  • R220D-EV Laser die-cutting and winding machine (large square type)——Lithium-ion battery equipment

R220D-EV Laser die-cutting and winding machine (large square type)——Lithium-ion battery equipment

R220D-EV Laser die-cutting and winding machine (large square type) (customizable blade battery machine)

Patent No:
ZL 201911251454.5 - A high-efficiency laser cutting method for pole pieces
ZL 201721171265.3 - 360° wound bipolar battery cell
1、Servo closed-loop tension control system, real-time measurement and monitoring function, tension fluctuation ≤±5%,
2、EPC correction and snake correction interact to ensure alignment ±0.3mm;
3、Fly cutting system control, POS energy following algorithm, small pole piece jitter, variable angular speed (constant linear speed) high speed winding, maximum design linear speed 3000mm/s, stable production speed 120m/min;(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Machine type Material width Speed Molding accuracy Heat-affected zone
R220D-EV 240mm ≥6ppm(12m) ±0.2mm ≤100μm

Product Details
Breakthrough tradition, lead the future! A new generation of square high speed winder(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment.)

This square high speed winder is an innovative product carefully developed by our company, adopting the most advanced technology and design concepts to ensure excellent performance and outstanding finished product quality in the high speed winding process. It is a very important part of Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment.

Its unique square design not only saves space, but also improves productivity and makes your production line smoother. Meanwhile, the high-speed winder is equipped with a precise control system to ensure the accuracy and stability of the winding process, thus meeting your strict requirements on product quality.

Whether it is cables, ropes, films or other winding materials, this square high speed winder is perfectly adapted to provide you with efficient and reliable winding solutions.

In addition, we provide a full range of technical support and after-sales service to ensure that you have no worries during the use of the machine. Let's work hand in hand to open a new era of efficient production!

If you are interested in square high speed winding machine, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment.)

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