DPZ-350S High-speed lamination machine -High Speed Slitting Machine

  • DPZ-350S High-speed lamination machine
  • DPZ-350S High-speed lamination machine

DPZ-350S High-speed lamination machine

DPZ-350S High-speed lamination machine (double station)

This machine is used for motive lithium cells and batteries winding .cutting &form of the Ni-tabs feeding material by constant tension system ,EPC rectify .the form of hardware cutting , self-measure, punch the hole, self-winding.

Product Details
The positive and negative manipulator suction cups take out the pole pieces from the material box respectively, and then stack them on the lamination table after being accurately positioned by the pre-positioning mechanism; the diaphragm is automatically unwound and introduced into the lamination table through the tension control mechanism; The diaphragm moves back and forth back and forth to place the pole pieces; after the lamination is completed, it is transferred by the manipulator, the diaphragm is thermally cut, and glued automatically; the glued cells are automatically transferred to the discharge position.(High Speed Slitting Machine)

machine type Maximum material width Lamination speed Lamination accuracy
DPZ-350S 200X300mm 0.5s~0.6s ±0.3mm

Auto Clean And Inspection Machine

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