J390D-BY,J590D-BY Flexible die-cutting machine High speed mold cutting machine

  • J390D-BY,J590D-BY Flexible die-cutting machine
  • J390D-BY,J590D-BY Flexible die-cutting machine

J390D-BY,J590D-BY Flexible die-cutting machine

Flexible die-cutting machine (pure fillet)
Model: J390D-BYJ590D-BY

The equipment mainly includes 390 and 590 models, which are used for punching and forming of positive and negative pole pieces of the power lithium battery lamination process (continuous coating process). The basic functions are the same as the high-speed hardware die-cutting machine.

Product Details
(1) Pure rounded corners can be cut to prevent sharp corners from piercing the diaphragm, reduce powder drop from sharp corners, and improve battery safety;
(2) The flexible design and modular adjustment can adapt to a variety of different pole piece models without changing the mold, which greatly saves the cost of mold replacement;
(3) Standardized design of mold, easy maintenance;
(4) The mold has high precision, long service life, and short replacement cycle (30min),
(5) Automatic closed-loop operating system. Guarantee the yield rate. Realize one-click model change and fool-proof design.(High speed mold cutting machine)

machine type Maximum material width Die cutting speed Pole piece forming accuracy Glitch Accuracy
D-BY 650mm 240PPm ±0.2mm ≤12μm

High speed mold cutting machine

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