China Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing

China Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing

Lithium-ion battery: It is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery), which mainly relies on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes to work. During charge-discharge, Li+ is embedded and de-embedded back and forth between the two electrodes: on charging, Li+ is de-embedded from the positive electrode and embedded in the negative electrode through the electrolyte, where the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state; opposite when discharged. Since the commercialization of lithium-ion batteries, due to their high energy density, high working voltage, no memory effect, long cycle life, no pollution to the environment and many other advantages, they have been widely used as the power supply for various mobile devices, thus quickly entering the large-scale practical stage.

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Kason Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the front-end and back-end production of new energy lithium battery cells integrating technology R&D, manufacturing and sales services, as well as related precision CNC machining.
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Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing Manufacturer

Lithium-ion battery assembly equipment includes: ball mushroom machine, blower oven, vacuum oven, vacuum mixer, coating machine, tabting machine, slitting machine, slitting machine, riveting machine, winding machine, heating shaping machine, shell centrifuge, vacuum automatic liquid injection machine, vacuum sealing machine, steel ball automatic sealing machine, spot welding machine, tunnel furnace, current. Voltage, resistance tester, Haiba pump.

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Lithium battery production process: The first step - electrode slurry preparation. It is mainly to mix the electrode active material, binder, solvent, etc. together, and after fully stirring and dispersing, the slurry is formed. Step 2 - Coating. The slurry prepared in the first step is uniformly coated to the collector (aluminum foil or copper foil, etc.) at a specified thickness and the solvent is dried. The third step - pole slice punching. The pole pieces made in the previous step are punched into the specified size shape. Step 4 - Lamination. The positive and negative pole pieces and diaphragms are assembled together, and after the glue is completed, the core is formed. Step 5 - Assemble the soft pack battery. The core produced in the previous step is loaded into the aluminum-plastic film that has been punched into the pit, and the top seal, side seal, etc. are completed (and a mouth is left to be injected) to form an unfilled soft pack battery. Step 6 - Injection. Inject the specified amount of electrolyte into the soft pack battery cell. Of course, the battery cell must be baked, and the liquid injection operation is carried out in a low humidity environment, and the moisture content is too much. Step 7 - Battery sealing. The gas inside the battery cell is extracted and sealed in a vacuum environment.

The production of lithium-ion batteries consists of three main processes. Steps: Electrode manufacturing, battery assembly, and battery finishing.

In addition, great efforts have been made to introduce lithium-ion batteries into cars, trucks, and utilities by developing battery manufacturing technologies to improve volumetric energy density. By utilizing lithium ions as charge carriers between the cathode and anode, lithium-ion batteries store energy in a reversible and rechargeable manner.

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