J500D-A High Speed Hardware Mould Cutting Machine (Ni-tabs) (Including Separator J500D-AF, Not Separator J500D-A) | High Speed Mold Cutting Machine

  • J500D-A Hardware Mould Cutting Machine

J500D-A Hardware Mould Cutting Machine

J500D-A High Speed Hardware Mould Cutting Machine (Ni-tabs)  (Including Separator J500D-AF, Not Separator J500D-A) | High Speed Mold Cutting Machine

This machine is used for motive lithium cells and batteries winding .cutting &form of the Ni-tabs feeding material by constant tension system ,EPC rectify .the form of hardware cutting , self-measure, punch the hole, self-winding.

Product Details
• Advanced design ideal,be sure the product safety and reliability.,
• Use light carbon fibre barrel,so the barrel weight can be reduced from2.8kg to 0.5kg,which provides effective technical support for high-speed die cutting
• High automation and automatic tape taking function.
• Multi correction design to improve the size accuracy of forming pole
• The mould has fast change function.
• The mobile mechanism of the mould seat:accordlng to the material condition, the die base can be automatically adjusted to improve the size accuracy of the pole piece.
• High precision mould to ensure die cutting times and die cutting quality.
• The mould has self-cooling function and air cushion function, effectively improve mould service life.
• The electrode traction is driven by DD motor directly to reduce transmission error of the intermediate link, and the dimension accuracy can be controlled within the range of + 0,2mm.
• Tab slitting: Specially designed slitting mechanism, no powder, small burrs, high precision;
• Non-contact dust removal can reduce the secondary pollution of the dust, and avoid the damage from powder brush to the tab.
• It is easy to produce dust and install independent vacuum device (belt and die cutting place) to reduce dust pollution
• The machine has scan code function, which binds the scan code information with the polar group information (positive and negative tabs, polar status information, etc.), personnel information, environmental information, and machine information and it will guarantee the two-dimensional code and corresponding polar group information.

Machine Model J350D-B
Max. material width for pole rolls 120~350mm (including pole lugs)
Width of pole piece 80~250mm
Unwinding diameter ≤Φ700mm (double roll)
Die cutting speed ≥120PPM (line speed ≤30m/min)
Die-cutting method hardware die
Accuracy of pole piece forming ±0.2mm
Burr accuracy ≤12um
Cleaning method Non-contact dust removal
Defect and size detection Optional
Receiving method Double cassette (non-stop changeover)
Operating power >8Kw
currents AC380V±10%, three-phase five-wire, 50Hz
Machine size (L X W X H) Approx. 6200X1750X2300mm (main body)
Machine weight About 6500Kg
Weight per square metre Approx. 600Kg
High speed mold cutting machine

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