Battery Lamination Company | Battery Lamination Manufacturer

Battery Lamination Company | Battery Lamination Manufacturer

These new manufacturing approaches are based on the use of the new electrode-coated separators instead of the conventional electrode-coated metal current collector foils. The key enabler to making these electrode-coated separators is a new and unique all-ceramic separator with no conventional porous plastic separator present.
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Kason Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the front-end and back-end production of new energy lithium battery cells integrating technology R&D, manufacturing and sales services, as well as related precision CNC machining.
Our main products are Electrode Making Machine, High Speed Slitting Machine, High Speed Die Cutting Machine, Electrode Making Equipment, Electrode Cutting Machine, Lithium Battery Equipment, Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing, Battery Fabrication Equipment, Laser Die Cutting Machine, Lithium Ion Battery Machine, Lithium Battery Machine, Cells Making Machine, Pouch Cell Manufacturing, Battery Lamination, Cell Stacking Machine, Pouch Battery Assembly, Hard Pack Battery Making Machine, Hard Pack Battery Production Equipment, etc

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Battery Application

Uses of battery include providing backup power during a power outage. At home, the batteries are typically wired to electrical appliances. If the power goes down, these appliances still receive power.

Battery Lamination Technology

During the stacking process the separated electrode sheets are stacked in a repeating cycle of anode, separator, cathode, separator, etc.
A wide variety of stacking technologies exist, which are usually patented by specific manufacturers.
A classic variant of stacking is the so-called Z-folding.
The anode and cathode sheets are inserted alternately from the left and right into the z-shaped folded separator. The separator is used in the form of an endless tape and is cut off after the stacking process.
The cell stack is finally fixed with adhesive tape.

Battery Manufacturing Process

Lithium ion batteries are manufactured in sets of electrodes and then assembled in cells. Active material is mixed with polymer binders, conductive additives, and solvents to form a slurry that is then coated on a current collector foil and dried to remove the solvent and create a porous electrode coating.
Lamination process: individual electrode sheets and separators are laminated to each other in a continuous process, and Then they are usually pressed together with a heat press.
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Widely used in industry, agriculture and national defense industry, railway signals, river and sea navigation marks, meteorological detection, automatic control instruments, etc.

The working principle of the laminated battery is the same as that of the traditional lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles.

Correct uneven lamination. Minimize delamination during battery discharge. Minimize bad contact between the electrodes and their current collectors. Quickly observe and correct uneven thickness.

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