What is lithium battery equipment

What is lithium battery equipment

The sum of all kinds of production machinery and equipment on the lithium-ion battery production line can also be referred to as lithium battery equipment.

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Kason Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the front-end and back-end production of new energy lithium battery cells integrating technology R&D, manufacturing and sales services, as well as related precision CNC machining.
Our main products are Electrode Making Machine, High Speed Slitting Machine, High Speed Die Cutting Machine, Electrode Making Equipment, Electrode Cutting Machine, Lithium Battery Equipment, Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing, Battery Fabrication Equipment, Laser Die Cutting Machine, Lithium Ion Battery Machine, Lithium Battery Machine, Cells Making Machine, Pouch Cell Manufacturing, Battery Lamination, Cell Stacking Machine, Pouch Battery Assembly, Hard Pack Battery Making Machine, Hard Pack Battery Production Equipment, etc

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The classification of lithium battery equipment can be divided into 10 categories: power lithium battery equipment, PACK battery equipment, button battery equipment, lithium battery equipment, polymer battery equipment, lead-acid battery equipment, square soft pack liquid injection machine, solar battery equipment , nickel separator battery equipment, nickel light battery equipment, fuel power cell equipment.

Lithium battery automatic equipment is mainly divided into four series of lithium battery assembly section production equipment: polymer flexible packaging, power battery, cylindrical type and square type.

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