Electrode Making Equipment Factories | Electrode Making Equipment Suppliers

Electrode Making Equipment Factories | Electrode Making Equipment Suppliers

Electrode sheet production process: indicates the key process: viscose ingredients - making hydrogel - stamping sheet - pasting covering auxiliary materials - changing protective film - one inspection - labeling - online inspection - appearance inspection - final inspection of finished products, packaging and shipment .
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Kason Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the front-end and back-end production of new energy lithium battery cells integrating technology R&D, manufacturing and sales services, as well as related precision CNC machining.
Our main products are Electrode Making Machine, High Speed Slitting Machine, High Speed Die Cutting Machine, Electrode Making Equipment, Electrode Cutting Machine, Lithium Battery Equipment, Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing, Battery Fabrication Equipment, Laser Die Cutting Machine, Lithium Ion Battery Machine, Lithium Battery Machine, Cells Making Machine, Pouch Cell Manufacturing, Battery Lamination, Cell Stacking Machine, Pouch Battery Assembly, Hard Pack Battery Making Machine, Hard Pack Battery Production Equipment, etc

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How to improve the efficiency of electrode manufacturing?

1. Standardization of electrode design
2. Virtual digital production environment
3. Intelligent electrode programming
4. Intelligent optimization of production process
5. The manufacturing site realizes rapid circulation and positioning
6. Random multi-station processing

Advantages of Laser Die Cutting Machine

Automatic completion of pole piece laser cutting, knife slicing and winding.
Using high-speed precision mirror and corresponding mirror control system, double laser head cutting, which greatly doubles the processing speed and efficiency.
Laser cutting Round roll surface cutting technology with independent intellectual property rights
Adopt dust-proof technology with independent intellectual property rights to effectively reduce the impact of dust generated by laser cutting on the battery.

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An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte, a vacuum or air). Electrodes are essential parts of batteries that can consist of a variety of materials depending on the type of battery.

The most common electrode material is graphite, but graphite is not the only material that can be used to make electrodes, including copper-tungsten alloy, brass, red copper, etc. Among them, graphite has the lowest production cost, so the production rate is the highest. , of course, some special electrodes will use other types of materials.

Electrode manufacturing should consider the dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface roughness of the electrode. In the electrolysis of an aqueous alkali metal chloride solution such as brine, and the electrolysis of water, a method of using an electrolytic cell provided with a diaphragm, more specifically, an ion exchange membrane or a microporous membrane, is used.

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