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The production process of lithium batteries is divided into three stages: front, middle and back. The purpose of the front process is to process the raw materials into pole pieces, and the core process is coating; the purpose of the middle stage is to process the pole pieces into non-activated cells; It is detection and packaging, and the core process is formation and volume separation.
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Kason Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the front-end and back-end production of new energy lithium battery cells integrating technology R&D, manufacturing and sales services, as well as related precision CNC machining.
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The function of the slitting machine is the key process before winding.

Low-end slitting machines have low mechanical precision and simple tension control, which cannot be adapted to the slitting of ultra-thin film materials. With the improvement of users' requirements for slitting efficiency and slitting quality, high-end slitting machines gradually have the function of wavy edge slitting, and have better tension control technology to optimize slitting speed and slitting quality.

Tension control is the core technology that affects the advanced level of the winder.

During the whole winding process, in order to ensure the high consistency of the battery assembled from the cells, it is necessary to pay special attention to the tension control of the winding. Winding tension control is a high-speed dynamic balance process. The winder has high requirements in terms of electrical and software control, requiring fast response of the servo control system, and software programming also requires a unique level of experience.

The coating machine is the core equipment of the previous process.

The main purpose of coating is to uniformly coat the slurry with good stability, good viscosity and good fluidity on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes. Its significance to lithium batteries is mainly reflected in three aspects: consistency, cycle life and safety. In the coating process, it is strictly necessary to ensure that no particles, sundries, dust, etc. are mixed into the pole piece. If the sundries are mixed, it will cause a micro-short circuit inside the battery, and in severe cases, the battery will catch fire and explode.

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Battery manufacturing encompasses the production of modular electric power sources where part or all of the fuel is contained within the unit and electric power is generated directly from a chemical reaction.

Some specific machines associated with battery assemblers are cell winders and tab welders. Cell winders are capable of winding round or prismatic cells 3-12 parts per minute. It is flexible enough to handle up to 5 tabs per cell at varied distances.

Welding and building a BMS is the first step. Second stage involves import of rolls of Cathode, Anode, Separator and make cells and assemble them into batteries. In the third stage, coating of Cathode and Anode can be taken up.

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